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August 6, 2010

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God of Carnage
By Yasmina Reza

Directed by Michele Aguilon
September 12-October 4
(Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sunday 9/28 at 3 pm)

Alan Raleigh - Bill Stambaugh
Annette Raleigh - Rebecca Shor
Michael Novak - Gordon Ellis
Veronica Novak - Sara Jones

In the aftermath of a playground brawl between their sons, two sets of well-meaning parents meet to calmly resolve the incident. What begins with the best of intentions quickly shatters the veneer of all civilized discourse, devolving into a hilarious train-wreck of an evening – complete with finger pointing accusations, hysterical bickering and an absurd multi-round grudge match.
A comedy of manners without the manners.

Fit to Kill
By Victor L Cahn

November 21 – December 13
(Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm,
Sunday 11/30 at 3pm)

Director Nancy Curran Willis and Asst Director Jason Rutledge are excited to announce the cast of our upcoming show, the thriller

Adrian - Michael Carr
Janice - Pat Lawrence
Amy - Becca Leighton

Thank you to all who auditioned and congrats to those cast!

ATTENTION: Builders, painters, acquisition specialists - interested in volunteering for this show?
Email Kathy at, or Gail at and join our fun production staff!

Season Subscriptions

Subscriptions for the 2014 - 2015 season are now on sale! Purchase your season subcription to our 2014-15 season or our 2014-15 Acme Improv Season. Please download and print the Season Subscription form here to make your request or purchase your subscription online with a credit card by clicking here.

Acme Theater is thrilled to announce
our 2014–2015 season:

God of Carnage, by Yasmina Reza,directed by Michelle Aguillon

Fit to Kill, by Victor Cahn, directed by Nancy Curran Willis

Moon Over the Brewery, by Bruce Graham, directed by Chip Sheeran

The Queen of Bingo, by Jeanne Michels and Phyllis Murphy, directed by David Sheppard

Check back for more details!

All productions are subject to the availability of performance rights.


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Acme Theater Productions

April 15, 2009

"…it must be a priority to offer a variety of entertainment, educational, and cultural opportunities— something for everyone. Performing and visual arts play a key role in making a community a wonderful place to live."
—Ronald J. Norick, Mayor, Oklahoma City

For more than 17 years, Acme has been an active part of the local community, providing high-quality productions to the public at a price that makes them accessible to everyone. Acme has garnered more local, regional, national and international recognition than any other community theater in New England. Acme has twice been recognized as one of the top 10 community theaters in the United States.

Acme Theater Productions is thrilled to announce that we were chosen for inclusion in the 2008-2009 Massachusetts Catalogue for Philanthropy. This highly selective organization recognizes charities that are "predicated on good ideas, well-implemented, with cost-effectiveness and demonstrated excellent results, recognized by others as outstanding in their fields." It is a great honor to be chosen, and we invite you to visit our own special CFP webpage to see what they said about us:

Our ticket sales and returning audience members also let us know we are succeeding in the quality and diversity of the work we present. But we can't do any of this without your support! You see, only about 50% of our operational costs are funded by ticket sales; the rest is covered by donations from people like you who recognize and appreciate the outstanding theatre Acme provides each and every show.

Here's why we need your help. In the last four years, we have seen a serious and significant decline in local financial support for the arts, and support for community theaters like Acme has fallen to dangerously low levels. Also during these difficult economic times, we have experienced a substantial increase in our necessary operating costs. Your financial support at any level is appreciated!

For convenience, the Catalogue has established a Donor Link so that your support can go directly to Acme, without writing a check or needing a stamp. The Catalogue even issues a receipt for your tax purposes! I ask you to choose a support level to show not just your encouragement for Acme Theater, but to show that the arts are an important and necessary part of life. Acme Theater is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization; 100% of the money received goes directly to the support of quality live theater.

Donor Link:

Thank you very, very much.

David Sheppard, Executive Director
Acme Theater Productions

"The arts are at the very center of community development in this time of change… change for the better. It is essential to the future of our country that the arts be encouraged and supported."
—Robert Gard, Rockefeller Foundation

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